Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories!

When you’re looking to refurnish your home to bring in a new style or colour scheme, it’s best to start with the largest items in the room such as sofas and furniture, but once these are chosen, it’s those vital accessories which you need to complete the look.

A room can look fully furnished yet bare if those final touches aren’t added. Whether this be lamps, ornaments, vases or quirky accessories – they all play an important role in finishing your room décor.

Lamps can add important mood lighting in the evening and also act as a stylish accessory on lamp tables or sideboards. Size is important to get right as you may want to go for a feature floor standing lamp or add finesse with elegant table lamps.

Ornaments and decorative items enable you put your own stamp on the room and also add a splash of colour and elements of interest, especially when it comes to decorating larger items such as sideboards or coffee tables – it’s a fine balance but spacing and height are important to get right. Stags are very popular and come in various forms such as ornaments, antlers, busts and can give an effective display.

Dining tables can look soulless when not dressed so think about having your table decorated at all times throughout the year. Just the addition of place mats and plates is the absolute minimum but why not think about wine glasses, wine bottle holders or fruit bowls to add style and class to a large table area.

It all comes down to what look you’re trying to achieve in your home but you can be sure that any room will look more complete when decorated and accessorised properly !

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