By Luke Geddes / March 17, 2023

The Jasper bar stool is a perfect way to inject some character and colour into your living space,  available in six stylish colours. This stool features luxury upholstery in a soft velvet fabric,  providing incredible comfort along with a sturdy black frame for support, upholstered in a jewel tone fabric with diamond quilt effect detail giving this stool a modern and vibrant look.

Measure Up!

Checking the measurements of a barstool is crucial to ensure a proper fit and optimal comfort in your space. Here’s why it’s important:

Height Compatibility: Barstools come in different heights to accommodate various counter or bar heights. By checking the measurements, you can ensure that the height of the barstool aligns with the height of your counter or bar.

Legroom and Space: Barstools should provide enough legroom beneath the counter or bar for you to sit comfortably. By checking the measurements, you can determine if the height of the stool allows for adequate clearance between your legs and the underside of the counter.

Proportions and Aesthetics: Checking the measurements of a barstool allows you to assess its proportions in relation to the surrounding furniture and decor. You can determine if the size and style of the stool harmonize with the overall aesthetic of your space.

Match / Style

Barstools that match the style of your space create a sense of visual harmony and cohesiveness. When the barstools seamlessly blend with the overall decor and creates a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

Matching the style of the barstools to the existing design theme helps maintain design consistency throughout your space. Whether your space has a modern, rustic, industrial, or eclectic style, selecting barstools that align with that aesthetic ensures that every element works together coherently. It prevents visual clashes and creates a more polished and intentional look.

Comfort & Materials

The material of the barstool directly affects the comfort and tactile experience of sitting on them. Some materials, like padded upholstery or cushioned seats, provide added comfort and softness. Others, such as wooden or metal seats, may have a firmer feel. Considering your comfort preferences and the intended use of the barstools will help you select a material that provides the desired level of comfort for extended sitting periods.