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Large King Of Hearts Collage Picture

Product Code: KOHPC


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About The King Of Hearts Collage 

The process of creating a King of Hearts collage artwork often involves cutting and arranging the materials, layering them to create depth and dimension, and using various techniques like overlapping, blending, or juxtaposing different images to achieve the desired effect. The colors, textures, and patterns within the collage can also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal and storytelling of the artwork.

Why We Think You’ll Love It!

The King of Hearts collage artwork is a creative piece that combines various elements and techniques to depict the iconic playing card character, the King of Hearts, in a visually captivating way.


Height: 145 cm

Width: 100 cm


Dimensions 100 × 145 cm

Specialist Courier Delivery FREE for accessories and lighting orders over £250. Estimated delivery timeframe is shown in the delivery info box. Delivery to mainland UK only. See our delivery policy for more details


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